Monday, May 14, 2007

Paris going to Jail? That's Hot.

It’s Monday and that’s supposed to mean something, right? I’m not sure what it means, I just know that I have a nasty headache that will not go away, no matter how much drugs I take. I think I now what marriage is like. (Just Kidding).

I know I should have blogged about this last week, but there were some things going on and needless to say, I’m a little behind on current events. There is some good news though that needs to be blogged about. Paris Hilton is going to the Grey Bar Hotel. She’s going to The Can. She’s going to Jail!!! Now I normally, I would never take pleasure at the misfortunes of others but this time I’ll make an exception. Lock her up.

The reason that I’m being so cruel and heartless is because I think this little experience will help “little miss party girl” to finally grow up. This girl has had everything handed to her on a silver platter. Ever since she was in diapers, she has had people waiting on her on hand and foot. Even appearing on that lame ass train wreck of a reality show didn’t teach her any responsibility. She just laughed and goofed off and received her cheque.

Now, she going to learn, the hard way, that life does not revolve around her ass. She’s going into the can and she’s going to do some HARD TIME. We’ll actually, she’s probably just going to have to sit in a jail cell, wearing *GASP* prison coveralls. No designer clothes for Paris. No fancy meals for Paris. No freaky little dog for Paris. No makeup for Paris. No partying for Paris. What will Paris do? Paris will get her publicist to write a letter to the Governator asking for her not to be sent to jail.

I seriously doubt that Arnold will give her a pardon, because he doesn’t like “The flabby, lazy people”. Actually if Arnold were to give Paris a pardon, it would probably be with the condition that she has to train him with Governator for the 45 days. I can just picture Arnold yelling at poor little paris as she tries to lift some dumb bells as Arnold yells “COME ON. LOOK AT YOU FLABBY ARMS. PUMP YOUR ARMS UP.” Then Arnold would go to get some water after he says “I’ll be back”.

Honestly, I just want this girl to learn some sort of responsibility and spending 45 days in jail just might teach her that there are consequences to her actions. Though somehow I doubt she will. That girl has two skills, acting like an irresponsible bimbo and …you need to go online to find the second skill, but I’m sure you guessed it already.

The thing I find really funny that there are two petitions out there. One of them is to keep Paris out of jail and the second is to get rid of her for good. Guess which one I signed.

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