Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leave the Teletubbies alone. ALRIGHT

I think that it’s getting to the point where I might have to change the name of my blog to QUIT BEING SO STUPID. I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. I’m going to give myself a heart attack if I keep reading about the stupid people of the world. I swear we need a mass culling of the stupid people.

Remember when the late Jerry Falwell proclaimed that Tinky Winky was gay and the rest of the US told him to get his head out of his ass? Well it’s happening again and this time it’s the Polish government that’s trying to determine if the Teletubbies are homosexuals. At what point did conservative equal dumb ass?

For the record, the Teletubbies have no sexual organs at all. They just laugh, run and eat Tubby Toast. They are not share a public stall bathroom with George Michael. They are not snorting coke with Boy George (Boy George, George Michael, coincidence ?) There have not been any photos of any of the Teletubbies coming out of a gay bar, drunk with a male ‘companion’. For the record, the Teletubbies are asexual.

Once again, I’m disgusted by how narrow minded people act sometimes. This is a show that targets babies and preschoolers. I know that there’s some psychiatrist who’s probably published a report and blaa blaa blaa, but children at that age are not worrying about what they prefer, penis or vagina. At that age, THEY WANT A FUCKING COOKIE!!! Oh and some juice. THEY WANT SOME FUCKING JUICE!!! Children at that age need to be nurtured and loved. They need to know what their mom and dad love them. They are not trying to figure out if they want to buy some leather pants.

I remember when a kid was allowed to be a kid, but now… being a kid must really suck. Remember Cody Gifford, and how his mother (Kathy Lee) said that she only allowed him to watch Christian videos? (If any kid is messed up, it’s going to be that one.) If the Teletubbies are so damn evil and are programming children, then what about Cody and those damn religious videos? Who’s programming who?

Now I’ve watched the Teletubbies show once or twice (ok once), and not once, while I watched it, did I ever get a craving for cock. Just like meeting up with gay friends, or listening to Elton John, I had to desire to put someone’s manhood in my mouth, or the urge to ‘turn the other cheek’. There are no subliminal messages in that show that’s telling people that they like ‘balls’. Being gay is genetic, plain and simple.

Again this probe into the Teletubbies (I’m sorry) by the Polish government is a total waste of time and money and is a form of discrimination against homosexuals, and they know it. Some human rights groups and the E.U. are protesting the move. Pointing out that any form of discrimination is wrong. The good news is that the Polish parliament does feel that this is a waste of time. Parliamentary Speaker Ludwig Dorn has warned people not to make such comments in the house as it would just turn their government into a “laughing stock”. So it appears that someone over there does have a brain.

My 2 Bytes.

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