Monday, December 31, 2007

Yearly round up. Part 4

Ok now here’s the final part of the year in review.


First I remember a short but meaningful post about the asshole businessman who wouldn’t move in the line at Safeway and then decided to take a shit right in the middle of the line. Man that stunk and I was pissed.

Then I felt it was time to express my hatred of the “Wooo” let’s party guy. How I hated that guy. How I wanted him to drop dead, and why he could afford to spend hundred a dollars on one night’s partying while I’m constantly watching my budget. I still hate that guy.

Oh and the big event of the fall was the Hepatitis A outbreak from McDonalds. I had to get 2 shots and I still haven’t gone into a McDonalds since. Despite the constant deals they’re offering at that place,, I refuse to go. I refuse to believe that they properly cleaned that place in less then 24 hours; as well, their initial vagueness about the issue, referring to it as a ”nuisance”, until the Health Department issues a warning. NOT COOL.


I went off on a couple of rants about people bothering me at lunch about one issue or another. I just was enraged about how people would not leave me alone during my lunch breaks, or that management felt that I should wear a collar with a friggin bell on it so everyone knew where I was. SCREW THAT.

Of course there was the mix-up with the career fair/ sex toy fair and how I ended up in the wrong place, in a tie, and stack of resumes in hand while I stared at the giant penis in the middle of the show floor. I felt like a pervert, going into one of those places ALONE!!

The Golden Compass post did get some great responses, but soon after someone started using Fancy words, and which point I PWND him. I can respect someone with a different point of view, but when you try using fancy language to make yourself look better, that’s when I come after you. All that it does, is make you sound pompous, and for the argument that they’re just trying to communicate, how does it come off as communicating when the other person doesn’t understand what is being communicated? The late Pierre Burton was one of Canada’s great authors, he was an intellectual, but he also knew talking over your audience was not the way to communicate. He proved this in his final television appearance on the Rick Mercer report when he did a video on How to Roll a Joint.


In December, the pickings are a little slim due to my traditional Christmas depression, but I will go back those few weeks and look at Talking Jesus Action Figure. I still want a Jesus action figure with a Kung Fu Grip so he can defeat the Cobra Commander and Destro.

Oh and how can I forget the sick pervert who’s flashing his Wang in -20C weather. I hope you froze it off asshole.

Well I can’t say that these last 4 posts were my best of 2007, but they were the some of the most Interesting stuff. Good luck to everyone and have a great 2008.

My 2 bytes.

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