Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yearly Round Up. Part 1

It’s the near end of the year so I’d thought I’d start with my year in review, but this time I’m going to do it a little different. I’m going to look back at MY posts and see what qualifies as the best of, and what’s the worst of. Here goes.


I remember starting the year calling Buck Rogers a manwhore. I rented the complete series on and about half the episodes where about Buck “saving the girl” and then “getting some”. I forgot how bad 70’s TV sucked.

There also the apology post where I had the sex dream about someone in my favorite blogs list. I’m still sorry for that, but you were great.

Though the biggest even was my old building being bought and the new owners converting it to condo’s. Those bastards. That got really ugly in the end when I threatened to sue for my damage deposit back.


I remember doing a couple of posts about Lisa Marie Nowak, the crazy astronaut who tried to kidnap some other woman because of her jealousy. She was the woman who was so determined that to prevent rest breaks, she wore a diaper on her quest to kidnap this other woman. What really bothered me is that she had it all. She was respected, she had even gone into space and from this day forth, she will always be known as the crazy diaper lady.

I also remember going after the ‘so called’ religious right a couple of time. Once I attacked their believe that the earth was only six thousand years old, and how this thinking was going to up us into a second dark age. Then I stated my disbelief that while other nations were pursuing stem cell research, it was for things like making breast implants seem more real. I just shook my head in shame over that one.


It was in March, when I first blogged about the 19 year old woman in Saudi Arabic who was gang raped and the judges sentenced her 90 lashes. How t he whole thing was pathetic, and how that whole country should be ashamed of themselves. In the coming months, her sentence was increased to 200 lashes because it was made public. The outrage heard from around the world did finally get to the Saudi King, when he commuted the sentence. That’s a part of the world I really want to stay clear off, at least until their legal system gets out of the dark ages.

I also saw Idiocracy, that month and I still believe that the movie is a WARNING. SOCIETY IS DOOMED, unless we stop the dumb people from breeding. As well, I saw Jesus Camp and how the religious right are now brainwashing children to the point of wanting to lay their lives down for Jesus, a la suicide bomber. That woman is still a crackpot.

Then there was the Elton John appearance at a music festival in the Caribbean. How Church officials felt that Sir Elton’s presence and even his music would make people want to pursue an “alternative lifestyle”. It was in that post where I’ve confessed that I have never had a craving for cock, even while listening to his music or hanging around gay people.

The last post I want to feature in this part of the recap was the substitute teacher who was found guilty of exposing a classroom of children to a porn storm on a PC. I remember reading how the trial was flawed and the blogosphere and the tech/geek community basically shamed the judge and prosecutor into reconsidering things. I guess the having the attention of the international media made them nervous. In June 07, the conviction was thrown out and new trial was ordered, but at this time, no trial date has been scheduled.

That’s it for part 1. Part 2 will appear tomorrow.

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