Thursday, February 08, 2007

I still can't get over it

Did you hear? NASA has decided to review its psychological screening process used in the selection of astronauts. BIG SURPRISE!!!! Is this really news? I’m fact I would have been surprised if they didn’t do this. It’s either that or they put a big sign that says “WE ACCEPT LUNATICS”. Obviously something failed somewhere. Either that or we can blame Lisa’s nutfest on COSMIC RAY!!!

I wonder if that would be a possible “Your Honor. My client has been affected by cosmic rays when she was in space.” And then she would show off some strange power like the Fantastic Four. Hey, they did get their powers from cosmic rays when they were in space. LOOK IT UP.

What I want to know is what hole in the screening process allows for wacky people like Lisa to get through the process and go into space. Also what other astronauts are a little ‘odd’. This might explain why Alan Shepard peeing in his spacesuit, or maybe it was the fact that he was trapped in his space capsule without a bathroom; though NASA and even Lisa learned from that lesson. She was wearing an adult diaper when she was caught.

One other thing which I find amusing is that NASA has removed her from flight status for 30 day. Just 30 days? Will she have flight status granted when she’s in a padded cell? Somehow I doubt it. Maybe she can share a padded cell with that Runaway Bride woman. Right now I bet she’s thinking, “thank you, now I can pass the crazy woman crown over”.

Odds are next year there will be another crazy woman doing something and Lisa Nowak will be able to pass the crown over. It’s kind of like the Miss America pageant, only it’s for crazy woman, and every year the crown is moved onto a new person. Now we need a slide show of the crazy women of the past like Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding and Kathy Lee Gifford (ok she might not be a criminal but she is NUTS).

To be honest I feel really bad about Lisa Nowak situation. She had it all. Success, notoriety, the privilege to have gone into space and the respect of many people but now, she’s just another crazy person. It’s really sad.

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