Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just some yadda yadda.

I don’t know what to write about. I’m at work and I’ve drank 3 591ml bottles of Gatorade, but its doing nothing for my mood. It’s not that I don’t dislike Gatorade, its just that there’s no booze in it. To be honest, I’m not much of a drinker as opposed to some other people I know. Some of them are probably in a Pub somewhere across the pond talking about me again.

I was requested to defend my country’s honor online and I did so. I’m still waiting to hear the response from the other parties. However considering how often The Bloke posts, I don’t expect to see a response until 2009.

I’ve actually spoken to the gun once or twice and he seems like a good guy despite a quirk or two. Stuff like running around their flat, shouting “Baboon”, or when he answered the phone, saying that Vics was taking her monthly bath. I’m sure she put him his place, and then he starting shouting Baboon over again.

It’s all quiet now. I’ve started closing my office door, because I’m sick and tired of the noise outside. People coming in and asking about this and that; because I’m the IT guy, they ask me non IT related questions, stuff like “Why did I get a speeding ticket?” “Maybe you were speeding.” Then she said, “No, I got into an accident when her car slid into an intersection.” “Then you got it because you lost control of you vehicle.” Then she says no again. Then I say, “It should say so on the ticket.” To which she says no, that’s not it. At this point I close my door and shake my head. I can’t take it. I sometimes wonder how these people generate enough brain power to get out of their homes every day.

I need to start putting in some more serious effort to finding a new place to live. Right now I’m just doing a check here and there in my neighborhood but If I don’t find anything by next weekend (the beginning of March), I’m going to have to use one of those home locator services. I found on that would give me access to their database for about $20 for 30 days. I’m sure I can find a place in that time span. I want to be out of my current place by April 1.

I’m starting to ramble so I guess; I’ll stop when I’m ahead.

My 2 bytes.

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