Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Post Christmas Post

Christmas is over. It’s Boxing Day and I’m at work and over my traditional Christmas depression. Yes once again, I spent Christmas alone, depressed and feeling sorry for myself. For the past couple of years I’ve spent my Christmas’s like that, vowing that the next year, things would be different. Again, I am making this vow, but this time, I mean it.

I did some additional work on Space Station Anime over the holiday, and starting in the New Year I’m going to start using Google Adwords, as well as a few other services to get my listed at the first page of Google, under sponsored links, so it’s my hope that I’ll more traffic and more importantly, customers. When the customers start buying stuff, then the plan for Christmas 2008 can go into action.

First, on Christmas day I received a call from my sister and she was telling me that I had to spend Christmas back in Ontario, with the rest of the family. My sister went on about how great it would be for all of us to be back in Sturgeon Falls, (I can’t believe that the town has a Wikipedia Entry) a small town in Northern Ontario. According to her, my parents will be moving back there this year. We shall see about that. (A lot of people have been making assumptions about my parents moving back east.

After the first call, I tried to call my mom and dad, but the line was busy, and I remember someone else I needed to talk to on Christmas day. A good friend, so I called her up. I believed that I called her early enough in the day that she was completely sober. We chatted and she shared things like the fact that a police cruiser followed her grandparents into their driveway (what’s the special ingredients in those brownies grandma?). The important thing was that she shared her wisdom on how I should spend my next Christmas, and dammit, she’s brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. As soon as I heard these ideas, I immediately typed them onto a Word Document for safe keeping, and I’m now going to share these ideas with You!!!!

Plan for Christmas 2008, LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Head to a TROPICAL PARADISE (she told me Hawaii, but any land of Palm Trees, Warm Sun, Beautiful Beaches, and Free Flowing drinks with little umbrellas will do). The important thing that she also mentioned was DON’T BRING FAMILY ALONG. Let them suffer in the snow, back home in Canada. I heard they got some nasty snow back in Ontario during Christmas, My poor friend had to supper through it, but she did seem in good spirits. So next Christmas, I have to spend it in a tropical paradise, surrounded by women in bikini’s, which means I’d better get to work on getting myself in shape.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to dwell on the depressing stuff, because I’m over it and I need to focus on Christmas 2008, so go buy some DVD’s now and help my dream happen

My 2 Bytes.

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