Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sick Bastard

So here’s what happened. I leave work last night, and I see this guy standing at the end of the parking lot, close to where I have to cross to get to the bus stop. Anyway, I’m a “big guy” so I start walking, not really paying attention to the guy until I’m almost past him, and out of the corner of my eye I see something that makes me go, “what the”, but I keep my eyes forward and continue walking, so I cannot confirm what exactly what I say, but I’m 70% sure I saw what I thought I saw. This guy had his “deal” sticking out. (note: I said sticking, and opposed to hanging).

Now I know there are some sickos out here, and the growth of Calgary (no pun intended), has attracted a lot of the …morally challenged to this city, but I would have figured that with the weather being -18 C (0 F), that even a sick bastard, would have enough to not have his “deal” out in the cold. So hear me Mr. Sicko, I hope you get frostbite on “it”

My 2 Disgusted Bytes.

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