Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gay Dog Treats

I discovered a new snack for dogs. Now I like dogs, I think dogs are great, and I'm all for giving a dog a little treat, but having them shaped like little cocks and balls is not cool. Oh for the record, they're suppose to be “T”, for treat, but you can tell, they failed miserably.

Now I know dogs “lick themselves”. I know some dogs who lick themselves a lot. I use to have a log who would take it one step further, but the last thing I want is to see my dog eating lots of little cocks. Some dog “lick themselves” but they shouldn't be licking each other, or putting phallic objects in their mouths. I don't want my dog in the mall buying leather pants and pink bandanna.

Something else bothers me. What if a dog who eats these thing, walks into their master's bedroom, see him, in the nude, looks at his “deal” and thinks, “that's a big treat” and then CHOMP!!!. It's John Wayne Bobbitt all over again, and how are you going to explain this?. “Umm my dog mistook my deal for one of his doggie treats, and bit it”. Not cool.

Also, their's always that one weird kid who eats the dog snacks. Do you want this kid to be gobbling dick as well? He's got enough problems without the whole Gay thing adding to his misery

So, I ask the people who makes these dog snacks, please change the shape of them, before someone gets hurt.

My 2 Bytes

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