Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I went through the wrong door and it went downhill from there

This past weekend, I attended to a career fair. My goal is to find other opportunities… and for the record, I mean a new job. I state this now for reasons that will become quite clear later on. So I took the time to print up a bunch of resumes for this event, and I double checked to address for the event before I left on Saturday.

So I get to the place, which is at the Round Up center, which is on the grounds of the Calgary Stampede. This is a huge facility that is capable of hosting multiple events. Again, this will be important later on. So I get off the C-Train and follow the group of people who I assume is also going to the Career Show, and there’s a sign that says Career Fair with a big arrow.

So I get to what I believe is the entrance. There’s a sign with the word Career Fair with an arrow pointing towards the door, (or so I thought). So I get in line, and for some reason I’m carded, I think it’s strange but I don’t worry about it too much. I go buy my ticket which turns out to be $15 instead of the adverted $5. I’m no impressed but I go in anyway, then it strikes me that something isn’t right.

The first thing I see is a large display for Lifestyle condoms, and a woman comes up and tells me that they’re giving free samples. I think that’s kinda odd, (yes I know), but then I take a good look around and realize I’m in the wrong place. The big clue was the display of dildo’s on one take and the image on a TV of a woman bouncing up and down and moaning really loud. I was in the Taboo Sex Fair NEXT DOOR.

Now I don’t know who failed to put proper signage on the doors from the way everyone was entering the building. I saw the huge sign when I got out, but it was FACING THE WRONG WAY. All I know is, someone’s an asshole and owes me $15 bucks.

So I’m a single male with a bag full of resumes in a Sex Fair. I must have looked like the most perverted person in the place, looking for a job at a Sex Fair. (NOT THAT KIND OF JOB).

Now I admit that I am a closet pervert with a boob fetish (then again all men love boobs), but the last place I want to be (by myself, If I was with a couple of hotties then it would be different) is at a Sex Fair. At that point I felt one step removed from one of those creeps who exposes themselves in public going LOOK AT ME.

Oh for the record, I did make it to the Career Fair and did talk to some people, and did make some progress in the job search.

NOW STOP LAUGHING. I’m kidding; I can laugh about it too now.

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