Thursday, November 08, 2007

You lied to me.

So around 2:30pm a situation develops. For some reason some of the orders from yesterday were not processed. Management is making a big deal about this and after helping a supervisor look at the problem the HR director says to me. "Can you go and pack boxes with me on the line". SO I go take a loot and things are ok, (there was nothing to pack). I got back to my cubicle and I noticed that all the managers on site are gone, I figure that they're in the warehouse looking at the situation. WRONG!!!! About 20 minutes they come into the front office with their Tim Horton's coffee. I was pissed.

So later I go back into the warehouse and actually start packing orders. I do so for about 40 minutes and leave since it was 10 minutes from quitting time. I make my way back, swipe my ID out and head for my desk to grab my stuff and leave. I enter the front office and I get this "here you are" treatment, as both managers get up from their desks. I get this bullshit praise and one of them asks where I'm going. I say I'm leaving. What I don't say is that "I'M LEAVING YOU TWO FACED LIAR. I'M FUCKING I.T., NOT SOME SHLEP WHO WORKS ON THE WAREHOUSE FLOOR. WANT TO REALLY PRAISE ME? GIVE ME A FUCKING BONUS NOW!!!"

Needless to say. I was diplomatic, and polite and even said goodbye before I left.


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