Monday, November 26, 2007

Fancy Words

On Friday, I went on one my rants about a Catholic school board had banned a book. I wrote about how I thought that the actions were wrong and so forth,. Then I had this person leave a comment, arguing his point, which is against mine. No problem there until after I replied to his comment, then he decided to reply to my response using “fancy words”. Have I ever mentioned how people who use “fancy words” piss me off?

While I do use IT jargon at work, it’s only done with people who understand what the jargon means. With normal (and I mean non IT people), I use “normal” language to explain things, that way they understand what I’m trying to communicate. I personally feel that it’s more important to be understood by someone than to confuse them by using “fancy words”.

First of all, I had never heard of the word “rejoinder”. I’ve never heard of such a word and as soon as I realized that they were using “fancy words” in the first sentence, I came to the conclusion that I was arguing with someone who was in the love with the sound of their own voice. Now I’ve encountered these guys and I believe that they must be taken down a bit, every opportunity I get. Sometimes I get rude when I do it, but it required because they tend to lack real world socials skills, and must be taught that being an ass isn’t acceptable. I still remember taking on the “Linux Geeks” in an EB Games, and I ended that conversation with the classic “and while you’re at it, move out of your parent’s basement!!!” A person can express their argument or point of view without trying to come off as a intellectual snob. I honestly feel that they are better off doing so with the use of “fancy words”, because it adds to their creditability, as opposed coming off as pompous.

I know a blogger who’s able to do this with ease. She is able to express an idea, and tell a story without using “fancy words”. Actually she uses words like a paint brush to express herself in her blog. It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words? Well she can paint a picture with less than 200. Oh, and I’ve never had to use a dictionary to understand any of her posts or comments.

I could go on and on and go “waaa waaa”, but I honestly, do not see the point. I refuse to give this person any further thought other than “I WON THE ARGUMENT !!!! NAAA NAA NAA NAA NAAA ***SPPPPPTTTTTT****”.

I never said I was mature.

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