Monday, June 11, 2007

So it wasn't a Village People fan club out there

It all started innocently enough. I remember reading that there was a Caribbean Festival going on in the city. There was a parade on Saturday that went right past my building and I though “cool”, but I never went down to watch it. The next day there was another parade and has a couple of errands to do so I thought; I might go check the parade out. Then it got weird.

For the record, I’m glad that they were proud to be gay, BUT (always have to work the work but, into a post about gay men), THOSE GUYS SHOULD NOT GO OUT IN PUBLIC DRESSED LIKE THAT!!! I really didn’t need to see the guys in leather and chains. The cross dressers were no big deal, nor was the guys who was only wearing a Speedo and some furry leggings, but the leather mustache guys in butt chaffs are not suppose to be seen in public.

As I watch the parade go by, something occurred to me, this could easily be mistaken for a Village People appreciation party. We had the Leather Guy, the Cowboy, the Phone Installer Guy and if I would have looked hard enough I could have found someone to be the Cop. Oh and the guy in the Speedo could have been the Indian. Well if I ever end up at a Gay Pride parade with my mom, I’ll tell her that.

Oh and cowboy guy, I’m glad your proud of being gay but you should not be proud of all the back hair. Would it not have killed you to have your lover shave your back? I don’t care if you are a “Bear” Don’t go out in public like that.

I’m actually glad that the amount of people who were there did take part in the parade. What was really cool was the group from IBM who were walking with their Diversity signs. I applaud IBM for supporting them. I was also glad to see everyone along the parade route was supporting them. I guess were as red neck as people think we are. I even remember not too long ago when Joe Clark was the Parade Marshall (and this guy was the Prime Minister of Canada for a couple of months.

Most Canadians don’t care of someone is gay or not. It’s just a small minority like Stephen Harper who like to complain about that. A few years ago when gay marriage was made legal in Canada, there really wasn’t much opposition. Heck if Don Cherry and Scott Thompson can get along like this, then we know that Canadian really mind of someone is gay or not.

Though I still wish that guy would have shaved his back

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