Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The final hours before going live.

If the reaction to my logo is a sign of how well my website will do, then I’m going to make a SHITLOAD of money. The reaction by some people over my logo has blown me away. I’ve had requests for copies from six people, AND THAT’S JUST THE LOGO!!!

I should make one thing clear. I did not design the logo, not really. I came up with the initial concept. I knew that I wanted the face of a girl done in anime but I paid a company to create it for me. I’ll be honest, that I think they did a fantastic job, and once I’m at the point where I’ve achieved success, I’m going to get some shirts made up with it. I’ll probably get some coats done as well, and give them to my friends and family.

Something just occurred to me. She doesn’t have a name. Should I name her? It’s just a logo but do other characters in logos have names? How about you, the readers, let me know. Then you’ll have an excuse to write a comment.

I’ll be honest, I’m really excited by this website. While I’m not happy with everything with the site, the main problem is inventory. I need to ad more titles, and soon I’ll have to divide my products into categories. Did I mention that I’m REALLY excited? The other stuff is almost done, and I’m aiming to go live TOMORROW!!! Then the real work, of promoting the site starts. Don’t worry; I have a plan for that as well. Anyone can put up a website, but it takes a plan to get you sited listed on the front page of Google.

I keep thinking that the site could lead me to owning my own life. No more working for someone else. No more daily commutes to an industrial. Instead, I can wake up when I want to, take the elevator downstairs and enjoy the pool and take it easy.

Though I’m not going to spend all my time loafing. Once I’m happy with the success of the first site, I see myself starting a second site, and a third and… well you get the idea.

I also see myself doing some other projects in the future for other people. I once made a promise to myself that I would everything in my power to help a friend in need. I intend to keep that promise.

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