Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not quite there

Another bump in the road. So I’m not launching today, but hopefully tomorrow. It has something to do with my site’s ability to accept credit cards. I’ve filled the application out (online), but they need to check on me before they let me accept credit cards. I guess they want to make sure that I’m not a criminal or anything like that. It makes sense but it’s another roadblock. So my website won’t go live today.

I have solved other issues like setting up shipping and how to give discounts, how to put certain titles in specific categories, so things are looking good. I’m still very positive about things, I’m just sick of getting dinged by all they setup fee’s. It’s really starting to add up.

While a lot of this stuff is no big deal to me, other things like filling out banking and business forms are not one of my favorite things. To be honest, I absolutely hate it. I know bullshit makes the world go around, but I don’t want to be the one adding to it. I guess this is why I hate paperwork. I hate having to deal with some weasel who wants to know why I didn’t properly fill out form EDFG-33-5, or whatever. This stuff gives me a headache. I’m just glad that I have a bottle of ibuprofen in my backpack. Too bad that it’s going to take an hour for the drugs to kick in because I’m in pain now.

I just need to keep focused on going live. I’m sure that will happen on Monday now, which sucks, but it will give me time to add more product.

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