Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting screwed over by (Insert minority group here)

I’m not a racist by any means. I hate everyone equal, though once again, I’m being screwed over by some of (insert minority group here). Back in year 1 of blogging, I wrote about a cab driver who was part of (insert minority group here), and how he stole my cell phone. Anyway my old apartment building was bought by two guys who are (insert minority group here). They want to convert the place to condos, and we were given notice that we had 3 months to leave. Because the notice said that the building was undergoing major renovations, they have to give me back my damage deposit in full. So I’ve been in my new apartment for a month and I have still yet to receive my $650 back.

Oh it gets better, yesterday I went to the old building and was talking to the old building manager and I then heard that this was going on with EVERYONE who had moved out. At one point they wrote a bad cheque to a woman, and the only reason why she got her money back was that she threatened to call the police. Writing a bad cheque is fraud people.

My problem is that I tend to believe that all people are good. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt that was until yesterday. Now I feel that I’ve once again been taken advantage of by (insert minority group here), and next time I hear someone from (insert minority group here) complaining about being discriminated against, I’m not going to care, because you can’t be trusted. I know that this is a bad thing, but I’m basing this on personal experience now, not a baseless stereotype. You of (insert minority group here) cannot be trusted because you ARE thieves and cheats.

I know that this view is wrong and that there are some really good people who are part of (insert minority group here), but dammit, I’m tired of being taken advantage of by these people. I cannot believe the words that come from your mouth, because you’ve been lying to me for some time now. I know about you not showing up to meetings. I know about the bounced cheque. I know it all. I even know your full name now, despite your efforts to conceal them. Calling the building manager from you home was not smart, especially when he has call display.

So here’s the plan. I will call them at noon today and give them 24 hours to give me back my money or I will pursue legal options. According to the tenant act, that money should have been placed in a separate bank account, but if they have spent it, they will be in BIG trouble with the province. I hear that they already have violated some of the tenant laws in Alberta, so the government should already have a file on these guys. I hate being the bad guy, I really do, but at this point, they leave me no choice.

I’ll give everyone an update tomorrow.

My 2 Bytes.

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