Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Geeks and Women

Sometimes smart people can be really stupid. For example there are two types of IT people. The type that enjoys spitting out tech jargon to non techies in order to make themselves feel superior, and the type the get laid on a regular basis. If these guys are so damn smart, then why haven’t they figured out the reason why they’re not getting any (cue 70’s porno music)?

The past weekend, I had another IT guy from head office to help me with a big project over the weekend. He’s like me in the sense that we prefer to help people with our IT knowledge instead of trying to make others feel inferior with it. In fact he feels that life comes down to two things, money and (cue 70’s porno music). Despite what some people in my industry think, knowing how to program a router is not all that important.

I’m reminded of the geek in a videogame store who thought he was funny by asking if they had any games on Linux. Guess what, while he went home to play with his Linux OS the sales person was someone doing (cue 70’s porno music). Dumbass.

It’s like a disease, alcoholics prefer their drink to (cue 70’s porno music), the same with drug addicts. At least people who are addicted to games like World of Warcraft cyber (cue 70’s porno music).

What I really get a chuckle at is how these guys then wonder why they’re not meeting anyone. Sure many 1 in 100 might find the girl geek. Let’s face it, a girl who knows JavaScript is HOT!!! or not. Personally I like smart women. A smart woman with attitude is even better. For some reason, I like the idea of “being put in my place” every once in a while. I like sassy.

I know, what’s my excuse since I’m not the dork who goes on and on about tech crap? We’ll I’m shy in person, and I lack self confidence in that area. Though it pisses me off when women are attracted to dumb ass jocks who call everyone “Dawg”. Are women really attracted to that, or is it just a physical thing?

We’ll it’s time to let everyone in on a secret. Geeks are horny bastards. Don’t believe me, check out Revenge of the Nerds. The proof is right there (and I don’t mean the Booger guy)

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