Monday, June 18, 2007

The Secret Project Revealed

Some people have already seen the logo and some know what I’m up to, but I thought I would let EVERYONE know. Well everyone who reads my blog anyway. I’m getting into the e-commerce racket. Specifically I’m going to start selling Anime DVD’s online.

I’m not going to go into the details, except that I’ve been working on this for a bit and I’m ready to go live…almost. I was actually planning to go live with the site today, BUT I had a few pitfalls and I’ve pushing the launch back to Wednesday or Thursday., at the latest.

My main roadblock is getting the products on the site right now. I have about 400 imported titles listed but I need to get some of the domestic titles on as well. Domestic, meaning that it was translated here; the still is all from Japan. The way I figure it though I can still go live and add product on a daily basis until I’m happy with the selection and then add as new titles get released.

One cool thing about all this is that I started buy anime magazines and keeping the receipts since I can deduct them as a business expense; market research. Also since I’ll be running the business from my home, I get to deduct…yea yea move on.

Now I haven’t quit my job yet. I’m not planning on doing that until I’ve made a certain amount of money, which I’m hoping to do by the time the snow starts falling again, (the problem with that is that sometimes the weather is extremely chaotic and the snow could start falling in July).

Now I also know that simply having a site isn’t enough, I need to generate traffic, the right kind of traffic. I’ve been working with some people on this. They are going to help me get to the top of the search engines (and that included Google).

I’m not going to give out the address yet since there’s nothing to see, but I look forward to getting everyone’s opinions when I launch, and hopefully you’ll wish me luck.

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