Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big time Yadda Yadda.

I’m back after a day of gritting my teeth, dealing with the damage deposit business and asserting the fact that I’m a HETEROSEXUAL (don’t ask). The worst thing about the damage deposit thing is that it was draining me creativity. I’m use to writing blogging masterpieces (ok maybe not masterpieces, but not crap), but my wind was so wrapped over my money that I didn’t have the desire to write anything else.

I do have good news though. I received a cheque from the owner last night, however I do know that another person who used to live in the building had her cheque bounce, so after work, I’m going straight to the bank (we both use the same bank) and deposit it there, and I’ll know right there and then if the cheque is good or not/ wish me luck. I really need to put this behind me and I should be able to do this by tonight. At least I hope I will be able to.


THAT WHORE IS OUT OF JAIL ALREADY!!! I just read on that Paris Hilton has been released after serving 5 days. AWW COME ON!!!! I am so sick of this skanky, self absorbed little bitch. I don’t take it anymore. I swear. They said she will be under house arrest and have to wear an ankle bracelet. HOUSE ARREST!! I’d love to be under house arrest at Paris Hilton’s house. They say that she’s being released due to “health considerations” HEALTH CONSIDERATION!!! Let me guess, Sarah Silverman was right about her chipping a tooth .I hate this girl so much. She is the ultimate snooty popular rich girl that was in every high school that most the people hated. ARGHHH. I can’t take it. Have you seen her mug shot? She thinks it’s a damn modeling job.


Julie Amero, the substitute teacher who was found guilty of exposing children to pornography because of the PC was filled with spyware and them a pornographic pop up storm resulted of it is getting a new trial; apparently the “original computer analysis was flawed”. FLAWED??? NO SHIT IT WAS FLAWED. Anyone who has some experience with the Internet knows that it was flawed. What happened was the woman was teaching as a substitute teacher and somehow the computer start bringing up pornographic pop ups and she couldn’t stop it. She would close one and two more would appear. Sounds familiar? We’ve all experienced this at least once. I say all of us became we all have some internet experience or else you’d wouldn’t be here. So the defense was going to argue this, along the fact that antivirus was out of date and there was no antispyware on the machine but the judge wouldn’t allow the computer expert witness to properly testify (cus computers is hard). So basically because the judge was a 12:00 flasher (all his appliances at home flash 12:00 because he doesn’t know how to set the clocks), she was found guilty.

So yesterday she was suppose to be sentenced, which could have been up to 40 years in jail, but instead she’s getting a new trail. The defense lawyer argued that the trail was not a fair trial (and it wasn’t). The Prosecutors did not oppose the motion so there will be a new trail. This after the computer was sent to the state labs where the prosecutor’s evidence was found to be inaccurate. Though I’m sure that the media attention this incident had NOTHING to do with this.

Good luck Julie. I know the court will get it right this time, now that the mainstream press is watching your situation very carefully.


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