Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Questions I want answered.

So I’m working on the website, making some changes here and adding some things there, and suddenly a thought went through my head. Do cats fart? Yes it’s time for questions I want answered.

These are questions that I want answers for.

Do cats fart?

Who do people care if a bear takes a dump in the woods?

Why did Al Gore gain so much weight?

What the FUCK is Michael Moore’s problem?

Why is there an Elmer Fudd version of Google?

Will Prince ever learn to spell?

What were they thinking when they picked Ed Norton in the new Hulk movie?

Why do dogs sniff eat others butts?

Who thought Aerosol Cheese was a good idea?

Why does the word “naked” always make me smile?

Why won’t Weird Al return my calls?

Who thought making a second Dukes of Hazard movie was a good idea?

Am I the only one who’s enjoying the peace and quiet now that Paris Hilton is in the slammer?

Is Bob Barker having his guests guess the price of his living room furniture to the closest dollar without going over?

Is it really true that some of the seniors who watched The Price is Right were younger than Bob?

I await the answers.

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