Thursday, April 12, 2007

Only in Canada

I when I first heard about this, I though “oh man, someone needs some milk, a cookie and a blankie”. Seriously, this is really pathetic, however I get it, and that’s the scary part. The Nova Scotia legislature is mad; really mad so mad that they have decided to put forward a resolution and something horrible. Is this something about the amount of unemployment in the province? Perhaps it’s about a social issue like abused children? Nope, the province is putting forth a resolution about the NHL having game 2 of the Ottawa/Pittsburg series be played in the afternoon instead of at night. Are you shitting me? I know that I’m Canadian and Hockey is “Canada’s Game” and all but COME ON!!! Having a hockey game played in the afternoon instead of the evening is not the end of the world.

Maybe I don’t get it. Perhaps since I live in the west, having an early game isn’t a big deal to me, even though a 3pm EDT means 1pm MDT. Maybe I know that (get ready for it) that’s there’s more to life than just hockey (GASP he said it). Ok before the Canadian Culture police knock on my door, strip me of my citizenship and throw me across the Canada/US border, let me explain. We proved that we could survive a season without hockey, during the 2004/05 NHL lockout. The world did not end in Canada without hockey.

So why is this game being played in the afternoon? So NBC can air the game as well. Yes they are playing the game in the afternoon so the NBC can also air it live in the afternoon, because they know that their audience isn’t a bunch of hockey fanatics and that their audience doesn’t want to watch hockey in prime time (though they may air one of the Stanley Cup finals games in prime time). The NHL is having the game played in the afternoon so our neighbors to the south can watch something other than NASCAR or baseball. Oh and it’s just normal coverage, not like the FOX glowing puck bullshit, so stop complaining.

Again, what’s the problem? Is the problem that they have to start drinking at 4:00pm in Nova Scotia? Arghh, it’s just a game. I’m a Senators fan and the game will be starting at 1:00pm. DEAL WITH IT. It’s not like people are going to riot in the streets over the game, like they do with “football” in Europe. It’s just a game, yes it’s Canada’s game, but it’s still just a game.

My 2 Bytes.

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