Sunday, April 08, 2007

Even I don't know what the hell I'm babbling about

I’ve been feeling a sense of dread lately and I don’t know why. The ‘having to move because of the condo’ thing doesn’t help but at the same time I feel a need to find a new job. The good news that I finally started my search and already found a couple of possibilities; now all I need is evidence that employers are ‘really’ starved for new IT people as well in this city. This weekend I’ve applied for three jobs; two of them I’m actually qualified for. I have a feeling that this gloom feeling will continue until I get the move settled.

I really need to move on because…I’m not meeting anyone at my current job that is anyone interesting. There’s no one that I really want to hang out with. The only time I got to hang out with people was when I was in Toronto. I really missed that. Originally I wasn’t planning on starting the job hunt until AFTER the move but on Friday, I went through another round of feeling sorry for myself so, instead of wallowing in my own pity, I did something about it. Basically I was raging against the dying of my ‘light’. I haven’t felt like that since before I started the IT job. I feel like that I’m wandering about back and forth over the job thing. Mmm just found 3 more positions to apply for on

I think the worst part of this weekend was that I felt alone. I don’t really have any friends in the city, because of stated reasons, and I also don’t have a ‘significant other’. A friend of mine who had some very good luck with Lavalife has recommended that I try it out as well, but I can’t seem to get myself to do it. Not yet anyway. I need the move to take place (and then I’ll think of another excuse as to why I shouldn’t).

A thought did occur to me about this thought after I bought an advance ticket to a Calgary Comicon that is taking place this month. I thought, that’s it. I might as well give up the chance of feeling the touch of a woman again, because I was going to a comic book convention. I’m sure the chicks dig guys who go to comic book conventions. I might as well put some tape on my glasses, stop wearing deodorant and move into someone’s basement because I want to see a bunch of comic fan boys drool over Morena Baccarin because she was on that Firefly show. The show was good, (made by the same guy who created Buffy and Angel), but Fox screwed it up by playing shows out of order. At one point I though I should just give up and buy an inflatable companion.

Another though then occurred to me. Sure a ‘significant other’ sometimes needs to change a guy; I can tell you a story about one of my profs and his wardrobe, but do I really need to be changed that much. I know a husband and wife who play City of Heroes and they seem happy. Who knows maybe I’ll meet someone at the dork convention.

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