Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More of the Yadda Yadda

Holy Crap. This blog has turned into a “Dear Diary” thing as of late, but since things are going on my life, I guess I’m blogging about that. I’m found another potential apartment and I’ve submitted an application. This place also has a pool and a workout room and it’s in a real high rise. The apartment is on the 28th floor. The view isn’t bad but it’s not as good as the units facing east. They have a nice view of the Stampede grounds and when it’s clear, the mountains.

On the other front…I have a job interview on Thursday. The only issue I have is the place is in the northern part of the city. Close to the airport. I wanted to find a job downtown, but considering that I only started sending out my resume on Sunday and I’m already getting calls, I believe this to be a good sign. It’s a call centre job but if they want to pay the money I want, then I might consider it. I originally wanted to wait until AFTER the move to start the job hunt but after freaking out again on Friday, I felt that I had to do something, thus I put my resume on Monster.ca and then BOOM, I got a hit. We shall see what happens next.

I have all these ideas for a post but nothing is appearing on the screen. I blame the uncertainty in my life right now. I just want closure and until I have some sort of closure on the move, then I’ll feel better. The job thing isn’t a big issue. My current job isn’t in jeopardy, but I do have to move. I’m just glad that the landlord gave me a month’s extension or else I would be REALLY screwed. I’m hoping for a positive phone call tomorrow so I can put everything else behind me and bitch and moan about loosing my satellite dish.

Yes, that’s the one drawback, I will be loosing my dish because I won’t be able to put it up and since I really hate the cable in this city, I’m going to live sans regular TV and download everything I watch instead. I have a plan but I don’t want to reveal anything until I actually do it. It does involve a new TV and a trip to Ikea.

This is another advantage to this move. I get to redecorate. I’ve been to Ikea and I already made a list of the new items that I will buy. I’m just waiting until I know my move in date so I can go in, pay for the stuff and arrange delivery.

I guess I’m going to have to take photos of the new place.

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