Monday, April 30, 2007

Geek Girls?

I’ve been listening to the White and Nerdy song a lot late, perhaps too much lately. It’s so bad that I’m actually playing the stupid game; right now my record is 427 in Intermediate mode. Someone should just paint a large “L” on my forehead and be done with it. Oh but it doesn’t stop there. I did something Uber Nerdy yesterday. I went to a COMIC BOOK CONVENTION!!! I went to the CalgaryExpo and to be honest, I had an ok time. They were advertising it to be the “Biggest Comic and Multimedia” convention, in Western Canada. It’s was fairly big but I guess I was expecting more from 50,000 sq ft.

The show itself was pretty good. There was a lot of crap I could have bought, but I told myself “no”. There were some interesting panels including such guests as Bruce Timm (he co created Batman: the Animated series and a lot of cool stuff after that.) and Paul Dini, who wrote a lot of stuff with Bruce Tim ( and he was one of the writers for the first 2 seasons of Lost). Then there was (GEEK GEKK GEEK NERD NERD NERD GEEK GEEKK).

The thing that brought a mental smile to my face was the women who were there. Some of them were dressed up as Superheroes and Anime Characters, some were in normal attire. Some with their boyfriends, some were with other women, some where solo. The point is, THERE’S HOPE FOR ME YET!!!

I know I’ve gone on about this in the past, but who would have thought that there were SO MANY Females that had the same interests as me. I still remember being the social misfit and being made fun of because of my love for anime, and the geek culture in general, but now to see female geeks...HOLY SHIT!!!

Does this mean that geek is a gender neutral title now, or is there a secret name for the female geek? I did a Google search for female geek and I did find, but when I went o the site, there was nothing, not even a “Under Construction” or a “404” page. I didn’t have much luck after that either. It’s almost like they’re hiding because they know that they are such a minority, but I know they’re out there. Married or single they exist. I saw them. Even semi famous ones like Gail Simone, who writes comic books, (too bad she doesn’t update her blog), and she’s even going to start writing Wonder Woman. A woman writing a comic book where the main character is a woman; who would have thought?

The good news in all this is that there is a woman out there who doesn’t think my interests and hobbies are CRAP. I remember hearing some dumb ass whining to her boyfriend about him standing in line at the local EB Games. Saying stuff about how videogames are a waste of time. I kept picturing myself clobbering her over a head with one of those Guitar Hero guitars. Now that would ever condone violence against women, but sometimes you have to scream “QUIT BEING A SELFISH BITCH!!!”. There was another incident long ago where some girl was in a comic book shop and she said out loud, “Why do you read stupid comics” At that point she had everyone staring at her. At least she figured out that what she had said that time was dumb.

So now I have a new quest, to find the elusive geek girl. I know they exist; I just need to find one. I might even shoot a documentary about it one day. I wonder if I can get the National Geographic Society to sponsor my expedition, but that’s a post for another time.

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