Monday, April 23, 2007

Selling out, Duckies and Crazy at the airport

Over the weekend I put some Google ads on all 3 of my blogs, and now I’m wondering if I’ve sold out because of it. I don’t really have much control over what the ads are, though I’m sure I find a way if I really tried. Now I wonder if I’ve “jumped the shark”.

Actually I don’t think I did considering that when I checked on it this morning the banner had an ad for “Bankruptcy in Canada”. That ticked me off actually. It’s like Google is saying that only deadbeat losers who don’t pay their bills visit this blog, and THAT’S NOT TRUE. Nice people and Goats visit this blog.

Side note, why doesn’t Word’s spell check recognize the word blog but it knows Google? Wouldn’t Microsoft want Google to be misspelled?

Back to topic, I’ve put the ad where it’s visible, but not annoying so I’m hoping that it wouldn’t piss anyone off. Oh and if it does, TOO BAD.

What really surprised me were the comments on the “poor little duckies”. For the record I’ve always assumed that the baby ducks were safe because no sane person wouldn’t help out baby duckies. In fact, I’m sure that it was the guy who took the pictures who ended up saving the ducks. Because if it was me, take the pictures, then I would have tried to save the ducks. IN FACT THE GOAT CALLED ME AND TOLD ME THE DUCKS ARE AT HIS PLACE. However the goat is complaining that the ducks have painted his refrigerator orange. Karma’s a bitch, goat.

One more thing, this morning I read about this guy who was caught walking on the runway at the airport. Some guy jumped the fence at Calgary International Airport and was standing gin the middle of the runway as an Air Canada passenger plane started down the runway. Luckily the pilot saw the person and managed to abort the takeoff and airport security quickly got him off the runway. He said he was trying to catch a flight, but he has no ticket or luggage. At least no one got hurt. I’m not a fan of the long lines in airport security either but …that’s crazy.

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