Monday, April 16, 2007

...and I thought Canadian were nice and polite

Oh man, all hell is going to break loose on NBC in the near future, and I can’t wait. Don Cherry is going to be on NBC I know for a fact that Don is going to piss SOMEONE off, and I can’t wait, because he won’t give a rats ass about it. If someone starts whining he’s just say “SHUT UP, QUIT YOUR WHINING”. I find this moves by Grapes (that’s his nickname) to be interesting, especially after what happened to Don Imus, but I doubt that he will care because if Jesse Jackson or Al Shartpon get all mad, he’s just say “SCREW YOU” and come back across the border.

Now I’m sure that the people across the border are wondering, what’s the big deal, a Canadian talking about Hockey? That’s just it, he talks about whatever he feels like and damn everyone around him. I remember when he would slam European players for their style of hockey, as well as the way he would slam French Canadian players, He also has a habit of mispronouncing French Canadian and European player’s names.

This guy has said some really outrageous things, so outrageous that there has been debates about this guy in the House of Commons (that’s Canada’s version of Congress), since the CBC is a Crown Corporation, some French MP’s wanted the guy fired.

This isn’t the first time Don has made a trip to US either. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but if you went the Disney DVD, The Wild, where he does the voice of a penguin curling commentator.

So give it a month of so before we get to the finals, wait for all hell to break loose.

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