Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Internet got me and won't leg go.

I’ve noticed that the Internet doesn’t want me to work. In fact, I’ve discovered that the Interest is about as evil a temptress during the day as my pillow in the morning. They both call to me and say “spend time with me”, but I swear that the Internet will not control my life…maybe.

Let’s see I check for my DVD’s, then I need to check/post something on (If you’re not on Twitter, then you’re not cool), and of course there’s the post for this blog. I also need to check my webcomics, the people on my blog roll, Digg…you get the point.

This morning after my shower, I checked my twitter feed and discovered this, and now I can’t stop playing it over and over again. I ended up loosing track of time and was almost late for work.

Later on in the day I found this story about some business owner who put up a Honk for Jesus sign and his neighbor ended up putting up a Honk for Satan sign. The guy who put up the Satan sign is going to give tattoo artists a really bad name if he keeps it up.

I did make a major Internet discovery though. I found CHUCK NORRIS’S BLOG, though I’m surprised to discover that he doesn’t end his posts with, “and then I kicked his ass”..

The Internet, it’s not just for porn anymore.

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