Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I was away, sorta

Between an unexpected visitors and my back bothering me, I haven’t been blogging, Well I’m back.

My weekend started interesting enough. I was at my PC at 8:30am on Saturday when my cell phone rang. I looked at the call display number and I saw it was my dad’s work cell. I figured it was my mother since she’s the only person on the planet who would call me at 8:30am on a Saturday. After talking to my mom, I discovered that she and my dad were in Edmonton, a 3 hour drive north from here, and guess what, they wanted to visit. ARGHHH, I thought and I asked them when they would arrive. My mom umm and ahhhed first but then my dad said, about 5:00pm. They were going to go to the West Edmonton Mall (The largest mall in North America) for a while then drive down to Calgary. So my mom in that mall plus the 3 hours of driving would buy me time.

Needless to say, I spent the whole day cleaning every nook and cranny in the place. The kicker of that fact was that my mom and dad said nothing about the cleanliness of my place. ARGHHH

So I end up taking my mom and dad to Earl’s and it’s a nice place but I have one complaint. The place was filled with hot waitresses with cleavage and we get stuck with the ONE GUY!!! I wanted to slap him and say “Listen buddy, you’re a nice guy but I’d rather be served by one of the babes, so get the hell out of here”, but it didn’t work out that way and my mother seemed to like the guy, even though he forgot her coleslaw order. If we would have had one of the hot babes serving us, she wouldn’t have forgotten my mom’s coleslaw.

Once we got home, they took over my living space. I surrendered my bed, and my living room. I couldn’t even go to the virtual dance party on City of Heroes, because my dad has the TV on too loud with the hockey game. Now I know I’m Canadian and I’m supposed to love the game but TURN IT DOWN; needless to say that I never got to go to the virtual dance panty.

On the apartment hunting front, there are 2 places right now. One I’ve seen and it’s idea. It’s right by a grocery store and across the street from a police station. Oh and it’s perfect for my dish. The second one which I will see tomorrow is more expensive but all utilities are includes (the first place I have to pay power). There’s s an indoor pool and a workout room. It’s supposed to have a balcony that will work for my dish but I still need to see it. Sigh. I want the pool, but I should go with the cheaper place.

I’m struggling to put these words onto the screen and my back is bothering me. I’ll keep everyone updated on the moving situation. Oh yeah, the current owners have given me an additional month to move out, since I pay my rent on time. I don’t understand who wouldn’t personally. It’s a matter of putting the money aside.

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