Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My TV Shows

My Flames won a game last night, so they won’t be a sweep when Detroit wins the series. I’m being realistic, the odds of them to coming back to win the series after loosing the first 2 games is not good. However it was nice to watch them win. Then I was thinking, what else would I like to see on TV, so I made a list of things I want to see on TV.

An episode of COPS, where they only arrest rich white guys.

A show where a drunken Paula Abdul answers callers’ questions.

A show with just random video of people walking around somewhere with the Da Da Da song playing.

Cute Cat videos from You Tube.

Right vs. left Deathmatch. A show where a famous person from the political right fights someone from the political left TO THE DEATH. Thunderdome featuring Bill O’Reilley vs. Michael Moore.

FUTURAMA !!! (They’re suppose to me making new episodes that will be out in 2008, until then we still have THIS).

A live action Beavis and Butthead show. They can get this guy to play Beavis

A quiz show where George W Bush has to compete against a kid in the 5th grade.

A program that tells me what “What women really mean when they say…”. I would kill to see that show.

The White Trash Shopping Channel, because you never know when you might watch to buy one of those Singing Bass or a Budweiser mirrors

My 2 Bytes

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