Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Manneqiun Shopping Channel Hosts

I watch G4TechTV Canada a lot. I’m a big fan of tech related television. However I do have this minor problem with the channel. The people who own this channel also own The Shopping Channel and I’ve been seeing too much cross promotion and I don’t like it.

What I usually see is the same commercial over and over again with 2 of the channel’s hosts and these people are CREEPY. Basically the commercial is some guy and some woman talking about the ‘convenience’ of the channel. These people look freaky. This is what happens when actors can’t get onto a soap opera.

The first person is someone named Debra Spring (like that’s her REAL name). She comes out in this brown outfit and looks pretty well like what she looks like on the website. Oh and read her bio. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! Anyway she does her blaa blaa blaa and then it goes to this guy named Norm Murray who then does his blaa blaa blaa. It goes back and forth until I hit the fast forward on my PVR (and I end up finding the Italian food commercial that also pisses me off)

So after doing my ‘research’ for this post, I ended up looking at all the other hosts, guests and models. After looking at all the hosts, I’ve decided that THEY’RE ALL MANNEQUINS THAT HAVE COME TO LIFE. Just like that nightmare I use to have when I was a kid. Mannequins now come to life and sell crap on the Shopping Channel. Don’t believe me? Go to the site and look for yourself.

My mom used to be in love with the channel, to the point that she would record it (I’m not kidding), at 7:00am, just to see what the day’s Show Stopper was. Don’t worry, we got my mom some help and she’s doing a lot better now.

I can imagine my mom saying that I’m being too hard on the channel, but my reply to that is, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. WATCH ‘CALL FOR HELP’ ON TECHTV and you’ll learn something, instead of being hypnotized by the creepy evil mannequin show hosts..

My 2 bytes.

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