Monday, June 06, 2005

Muwhatsa ?????

Its early Monday morning and I think I finally have gotten my PC back to how I want it (but it looks like I need to replace a fan grrrr). As you might have guessed, I was having some PC problems. The truth is that my machine has been running a little “chuggy” lately and I decided to do something about it, since the weather people said it was going to rain all weekend anyway (and they were right). Anyway, I'm up and running again, (still having some minor problems and I still need to install “The Sims 2”, but I am back. Tired but back.

I keep seeing this commercial on G4TechTV for something called Muzuda (or something like that). I thinks they sell pasta or some other food products but its so hard to tell, because the commercials are so damn vague. I think someone is importing this stuff from Italy (I think). I see this commercial where some woman comes to the lobby of her apartment building, seeing a line of workmen, moving boxes up the stairs by passing them from one guy to another. Then we see some sign on the elevator door, (I think it's an elevator, in Canada, elevators are enclosed) that says something, it's not in English and she then has this “pout” look on her face. Then she hands her bag (a brown paper bag) of groceries to one of the guys and they start handing it to each other, carrying it upstairs. Then she starts to run up, with her hair flowing and in a manor that suggest she's carefree. The kind of run that you usually see in a different type of commercial. Let me put it this way, I expected to hear the word “wings” or “absorbent”, then go to a demo involving a vial of blue liquid. (You know what I'm talking about).

At the end, she gets her groceries back, she's in her home with her husband and baby. They mentioned Muzuda and then wee see a close-up of the woman eating a cracker and saying “Gratsi” or something like that. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED ???? So these people make crackers? Can we be any more vague people.

Someone needs to tell these people that there a big difference between the European TV audience and the North American audience. In North America, you have to show the people using the product you're trying to sell, because we need it spelled out for us. If it's a tire commercial, we need to see someone talking about tires. If it's a McDonalds commercial, we need to see Ronald, and the “Golden Arches”. If it's one of those “Women's” commercials, we need to see them riding a bike, playing tennis or riding a horse, add the blue water demo and we get the idea (Actually I didn't understand till grade 6, when I had to take that special Health class). Bottom line, the commercial needs to make sense. Ok the women's commercial might not make sense but I'm a guy. Women are a mystery to me in general so I'm guessing women understand it.

Another question, why are they advertising on a Tech channel? I don't understand their thinking. Then again, I don't understand why they have flower shops advertising on their either (Geeks don't have girlfriends). Its like the “Fabric Land” commercials I see when watching any Star Trek episode. The only possible reason I can think of for them to advertise is the possibility that the “fan boys” need fabrics to make their Star Trek Uniforms, but they can't sew.

Ok bottom line, make sure the commercials make sense. I hate the guy from the Canadian Tire commercials but he makes sense. I see Ronald McDonald, I know it's a commercial for McDonalds. I see a woman running up some stairs with that “free” stride and then see her eating a cracker, I don't get it.

My 2 bytes.

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