Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stars on the Rock

A friend of mine (Dr. Cheryl) sent me these pics of Russell Crow in a local pub in St. John's, Newfoundland. Apparently he dropped by for a beer and to perform on Monday night.

Must be nice to one day be on Letterman and the next day, perform on stage in a bar with a bunch of newfies. I don't know the details and I get the feeling that the pictures were taken by a friend of hers. I say that because all I received was the pics and not a e-mail that started with "OMG, a bunch of us went to the pub and Russell Crow was on stage"

I'm sure that he had a good time being in Newfoundland. It seems to me that that island is one of the most interesting places to live on earth. I've received pictures of icebergs on the water and I feel that its one of those places that I want to see and experience. Oh well until then I guess I'll just have to watch The Shipping News again (great movie that stars Kevin Spacey) and perhaps in the future, I'll get screeched.

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