Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yadda (I know)

It's been one of those weekends. Saturday was a day of rain while Sunday was really nice so I did get to go out for some exercise. Hopefully the flooding subsides.

What really annoys the hell out of me is when people start complaining about wealthy people. One of the rivers that overflowed happens to be along a stretch of land where some of the city's wealthy live so their homes were at risk as well. Though when I mentioned it, all I hear was “yeah, yeah, they have money, so what”. These people worked hard to get the success that they have and I don't feel that they deserve to thought of in a negative way, just because they are well off. Rich people aren't lazy, at least the person with the actual money isn't.

Well I managed to get everything off the “bad” hard drive and I'm sending it back to the manufacturer. Apparently it is “on warranty” so back it goes, so they can send me a replacement. Oh and I owe Maxtor an apology, the hard drive was a Western Digital drive. Who would have thought? They're supposed to be a good make. Perhaps it was just a fluke.

Well now about my cell phone blues. My phone is dead, so I went in to upgrade and the new phone is screwing up. It keeps resetting itself and I can't access the memory card. It's a camera phone so I'm also planning on starting a mobblog. The nice thing is that the phone included a data cable so I could download pictures from it to my PC and post them, without paying anyone for the data transfer. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of my pants and posting them on the internet. The only problem is when you take a picture, it makes a click sound so I'll be caught if I take pictures in a lingerie shop.

My 2 bytes.

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