Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm mad, tired and fed up.

I’m tired and I feel like BLAAA. It feels like I’m burning the candle from both ends again. The worse thing is that nothing good is coming from it. All energy is going to work. YUCK.

I have bad hair, a weeks worth of growth on my face and the urge to tell everyone to go to hell. Having to work while the other guy was standing around yakking didn’t help things. Management saw it, and I said something but they just took note and are saving it for another day I guess.

Life isn’t suppose to be like this right? I’m convinced that I’m insane for putting myself through this crap. I want to yell at these people are say, “My life belongs to me, not you. TO ME SO STOP DRAINING MY LIGHT. “ but I have a feeling that they don’t care. Why should they?

Yes I’m in a pissy mood this morning, because this past week, I’ve been getting home, going to bed and waking up and heading back to work. There’s no me time and all work and no play PISSES ME OFF. I’m not having any fun. Well I hope that I feel better soon.

My 2 bytes.

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