Monday, June 20, 2005

A day in the city, for a change

I'm mostly pleased with what I acomplished today. I finally got my mobblog up and running, though it took many attempts to get the pics downloaded off my new crappy phone. I went back with it and they gave me some bullshit about the tech guy not being there so they couldn't exchange it, even though there was an obvious problem. They could see it themselves and that I had my less than 24 hour receipt with me justified that I needed a replacement, but I got screwed around. Oh well.

Well I spend most of the day downtown, which was nice for a change. Walking in the valleys between the glass towers was a nice change of pace as opposed to hanging out in an industrial park.

Between the office towers, food courts, shops and just people dress in suits, I felt so much better. I felt like I belonged there. I felt welcomed; I loved the green of the trees by the streets. I loved the sound of people laughing at the food court. Everyone looked nice and my eyes started to wander as I noticed how “smart” the women looked.

I know what you're thinking but here me out. While there are some smart people at my current job, they are a minority, and there's no reason to dress professionally. I usually see people in sweat pants and tea shirts. No business attire. I want to wear a tie to work for awhile. Is this too much to ask? I want to sell out and be a corporate stooge instead of a pinhead going menial labour.

Again, I'm glad that I have some content on my mobblog at I took some shots of the of the city in general, No people or human interest shots yet but who knows; maybe soon.

Oh and I never went into the lingerie shop with my camera phone. I got the impression that Jay might think of me as a freak for doing that. I SWEAR I WILL NEVER TAKE LEWD OR INAPPORATE PICS WITH MY CAMERA PHONE. I swear that I have some class. I might live in a city populated by closed minded western hicks (yes I said it sorry Calgary), but I swear that I have enough class to respect other people and I will NEVER invade the privacy of someone with my camera phone (unless I'm really drunk, or she's really hot *grin* )

My 2 bytes..

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