Sunday, June 12, 2005

More Power

I love my broadband connection. There I said it. Picture me kissing an Ethernet cable, announcing to the world that its possible for a cable to bring so much joy into my life (but don't ask what I do with my Satellite dish). Isn't broadband great? I swear that I would rather have someone smash a brick in my face than having to go back to dial-up. The pain would be severe but it would be fairly quick, as opposed to the slow dull pain of dial-up.

I did an audio blog post, but hasn't posted the damn thing yet, so I'm not linking anything until its actually up and running. I still remember how long it took that one time and I'm still annoyed at that.

As this blog evolves, I continue to feel the desire to take things to the next level. I want to start posting video as well as audio. It seems to me that I need to have my blog “evolve”. I'm going to call it the “Tim Allen Effect”. MORE POWER, GRUNT, GRUNT, GRUNT.

All men suffer from the Tim Allen Effect in one way or another; from the guys who work on their cars to carpenters building stuff, to geeks needing a more powerful PC. MORE POWER. This is part of the male psyche. Its part of the “keeping up with the Jones” factor. Personally I'm going nuts that I haven't gotten a better cell phone yet. I need a camera phone. MORE PHONE POWER. I need a HDTV set,. MORE TV POWER. I need a Play Station 3 when they come out early next year. MORE VIDEOGAME PLAYING POWER. I want to switch my phone service to VOIP. MORE PHONE POWER. AND I'M NOT OVERCOMPENSATING FOR ANYTHING OK!!!!!!

So let's recap. I like my technology to be faster and L33T (elite), I'm not overcompensating and the audioblog post will be up as soon as Ourmedia puts it up. Probably tomorrow.

My 2 bytes.

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