Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So tired. So very tired

I must be really stupid. Why is it that people who slack around here get away with it for so long while I bust my ass to get everything done without even an acknowledgement? Between system failures and people calling in “drunk”, it seems that I’m doing almost everything around here.

Ok truth be known, there is another member of the “team” that I can rely on and she is great, but she’s still a little inexperienced (though she picks up things very quickly). Things would be a lot worse without her.

V. is smart, but also shy. It has something to do with her upbringing and culture I guess. She’s from India and when I first meet her, she got annoyed that I was sweeping up, saying that it was a woman’s job to clean up. After a few months, she realizes that were all equals here and gender has nothing to do with who does what job, but she still gives me crap when I try to sweep up. She even grabs the broom from me sometimes, which I think is funny as hell.

She’s very well educated actually, holding a B.A. from a university back home but over here she’s would need another year of university to get a Canadian degree. She’s been talking about it and I encourage her to do that last year, but other things are going on. It might be her arranged marriage or something else.

Until the day I die, I will never understand arranged marriages. I know one person who went through it and she ended up divorcing the guy. Another friend, P. is suppose to be going through an arranged marriage soon and he seems ok with it and another woman, C. was married that way.

Personally I find the whole concept of “arranged marriages” scares the crap out of me. I can imagine my mother telling me that my future wife has a “great personality”. ARGGHHH !!!! Everyone knows that a “great personality” is the kiss of death here. I would rather hear stuff like, “She really hot looking” or “Her parents are REALLY RICH”.

With all the talk about legalizing same-sex marriages here, I wonder how long will it take before we start seeing same-sex arranged marriages. I can just picture the parents looking at their child when he is 7 years old and they say, “he’s still playing with dolls? He’s a little fruity huh? We’d better find a nice guy for him”

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