Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm not l33t (GRRR)

I'm seriously annoyed at my computer right now. One of my hard drives is dying. Well its running extremely slow right now. The good news is my computer has 2 of them so I'm just going to switch them over and reinstall Windows on the second drive. Its getting so bad that right now, as I type this. I have to wait a few seconds before the text appears on the screen. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The part I love is that the drive is only 14 months old. SURE WAIT TILL THE WARRANTY EXPIRES AND THEN GO TITS UP ON ME. It's making my entire system unstable. I can't even burn anything with fear of it being corrupt. It has happened a few time already. So I need to transfer everything to the bad drive and do the swap, reformat the good one (the older one), install Windows on that one and then move the stuff back over. Then I need to get a new hard drive.

So on a final note Maxtor hard drive's SUCK !!!!!!

My 2 pissed off bytes.

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