Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A day later

I missed posting yesterday because I was either too busy (earlier in the day) or too tired (later in the day) so I say to you, sorry.

Well everything that had to be taken care of is done. I managed to get my cell phone working properly after 2 visits. Good thing the place is just down the street or else I would have been really pissed. The second visit, some guy tried to tell me that the tech guy wasn't there when I knew he was. I nearly bitch slapped him out of spite. “Don't lie to me you little bitch”, I was thinking. It turns out that it wasn't even the phone per say, but the 32MB data card, that was causing the problem, so now everything is fine.

The Hard Drive is on the way to Toronto, via Purolator Courier, I have a friend who drives for them and he gets me the employee rate, so its only costing me $5 for next day service, to half way across the country. Now let's see how long it takes for Western Digital to replace it, because its not cost effective to repair it, because to do that, you would have to do it in a clean room and wear those “bunny suits” because the inside of a HD is a dust free environment.

It appears that I'm getting the silent treatment from the Yacker at work. He's actually working and isn't standing around, talking all day. Personally I prefer it quiet so if we wants to be quiet and give me the “silent treatment”, then that's fine with me. If being mad at me, mean that he's going to focus on his work, then I hope he hates my guts.

Lately it seems that my posts are less inspiring than in the past. Perhaps I'm posting at the wrong time, or its lack of time. I just dragged my sorry ass out of bed a half hour ago. And I have to leave for work in another half hour. I have so much sarcasm to share, especially about the summer TV schedule. That celebrity ballroom dancing show is begging me to rip it apart. Between that and those Mawhatsay? commercials, I'm going nuts. There's another one with people rubbing up against each other and feeding pasta to one another and the announcer says “Buy Mawhatsay Products” What the hell are they and if I buy this stuff, will hot women come into my kitchen and rub up against me in a sexual manor and feed me pasta? If so, WHERE CAN I GET SOME !!!!

Anyway work calls, and its saying, “get your ass over her dumb ass”

My 2 bytes.

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