Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vics requested it (sorta)

So this drunk guy walks into a retailer, complaining about how his cell phone hasn’t worked in 6 months. The salesperson says blaa blaa blaa. To be honest, I’m not sure what the heck was said but then the drunk guy smashes his phone, takes out the sim card and eats it. Ok these memory cards are really small, (about the size of a postage stamp) and they can easily be removed so you can transfer your contacts from phone to phone, but you have to wonder what the hell was this guy thinking.

I have an old cell phone, that I would LOVE to take a hammer to and beat the living shit out of it, but I’m socially responsible and I’m going to dispose of it properly. Personally I believe that it’s the cell carriers that are the real assholes. I bought a new cell phone recently and it didn’t work properly, so I tried to take it back. When I got there, they fed me some line about the engineer having to be there and that he wasn’t going to be in that day, due to a car accident. Well after some crap the next day, I received my new phone and everything was fine until….I received my phone bill and discovered $45 in charges to 411. I looked at the bill and all the calls were within a 3 hour period AND the day coincided with when I had the faulty phone. The problem was when I called them about it, the stupid robot bitch at customer service kept repeating the same old bullshit about how it was my call, yadda yadda yadda, but this story does have a happy ending though. I was getting pissed off and insisted on speaking to a manager (it was that or threaten to come down there and shove the phone up her ass), I spoke with the manager and told her about the bad phone, she then double checked something and I was credited the $45. Apparently when you dial 411 and request a number, they text you that number back, but since I never dialed it, no text message was sent. That’s my cell story.

There are people out there who also take their hatred of cell phones too seriously These freaks are ripping cell phones from people’s hand and destroying them. Looks like someone really needs to work out some issues. Personally if someone tried that with me, I would be morally obligated to beat the living shit out of them

My 2 bytes.

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