Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Do I look like a computer geek?

I was surfing the www and I found this site called Men of the Internet I’m not really sure that this thing is suppose to be about but here’s my theory. THESE GUYS ARE DORKS!!!!, but after looking at those pictures a scary thought came to mind. What if I look like that? So I decided to take the time to analyze the pictures, to make sure that I was not one of the “Men of the Internet”

First thing I noticed was that a lot of those guys wore “geeky” glasses. Now I do wear glasses but I also wear contact lenses in public so I’m hoping that I’m safe. Actually I’m pretty sure that I’m ok there since all the people wearing glasses have “big ass” lenses”, while I have small lenses so I’m safe there.

Now I’m seen some of them have really bad facial hair; bad moustaches and geeky beards. Nope I ok there as well. While there are days that I do not shave, (out of pure laziness), I never let it get out of control.

Now we get to the area where I might (ok probably) put me into this group of dorks. BAD HAIR. I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that God cursed me with the worse hair on the planet. However now that I’ve seen this, I make this pledge that from now on I will make sure that my hair is in the best possible shape as possible. I must hide my computer nerdness, though it might be too late for me Actually now that I think of it, one of my prof’s had hair like that as well, but the difference was that he had a 6th level black belt so I wouldn’t mess with the guy.

Ever since word has gotten out about the new .I.T. job, I’ve been called a computer nerd a lot, but that’s ok. Because being a computer nerd is in now. Don’t believe me? Then explain why I Pods are so popular? Why PDA and laptop computers are “the thing”. Oh and like it or not, those guys were into all that stuff well before the “cool” people. YEP, computer geek is in.

My 2 bytes.

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