Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The evolution of my Podcast

As everyone who frequents this blog knows (at least I hope they know), I do a weekly podcast. The podcast is still in it’s infancy but giving it time to evolve, I think it could be something as successful as my blog. Well I’ve come up with some ideas for my podcast that I want to share with everyone and see if they’re good ideas.

Idea #1. Get Paul Sr. from American Chopper as my co-host. I could say something to set him off and the whole Podcast could be him SCREAMING at me. Isn’t that why half the people watch the show anyway? Just to watch Paul Sr. and Jr. scream at each other?

Idea #2. Call one of those sex lines and ask for recipes. The problem is that at x dollars a minute, I’ll want some quick recipes.

Idea #3. Do the podcast naked. Wait I do that already, never mind (I’m kidding, I SWEAR)

Idea #4.Call up Adam Curry (the self proclaimed father of podcasting) and tell him that in his ITunes picture he looks like Barry Manilow, if he was a preacher.

Idea #5. Lots of fart noises.

Idea #6. Do Podcast as cool, “Rappin K” character. (and then I’ll shoot myself.)

Idea #7. Talk about my brief marriage to Jennifer Lopez.

Idea #8. YODELCAST !!!!

Idea #9. Have a segment when I talk about one of my pairs of pants.

Idea #10. Inhale helium during the Podcast.

Again, my podcast is a work in progress. I hope one day, that I’ll be as successful as Dawn and Drew and I’ll be able to quit my job and work as a professional podcaster. Oh well, until that day, there’s always Mary Kay.

My 2 bytes.

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