Monday, September 26, 2005

Blame Canada

Now sing along….

“Blame Canada! Blame Canada! With all their hockey hubaloo and that bitch Anne Murray too. Blame Canada! Shame on Canada! “ Yes indeed, we must blame Canada for all the potty mouth that Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman were spewing during that South Park movie but what else can we blame Canada for?

Everyone looks at hockey as a Canadian sport but guess what? So is Basketball. Yes it was invented by James Naismith. He came up with the idea since there weren’t any sports that could be played indoors during the winter. Oh and if you need advice on what to do when it’s cold, ask a Canadian. Oh yeah he also invented the football helmet. Blame Canada for that.

There was another Canadian who liked to challenge the status quo. This person was Frederick Banting. This guy had some interesting theories and with the help of a single assistant managed to invent, despite being under funded, Insulin. Blame Canada for that.

Now don’t you hate it when teenagers spend hours on the phone? Well that’s because it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, another Canadian. Oh and he also invented the metal detector.  Blame Canada for that.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was this French Canadian guy who liked to dabble in different things, even as a child. So it was no wonder that a Canadian would invent the snowmobile. No surprise there but did you know that the company he created still exists and now manufactures mass transit rail systems, high speed trains and Learjets. Blame Canada for that.

Ever to go an Imax and suffer some motion sickness because the screen fills you field of vision? Well blame Canada for that too.

Basically you can blame Canada for a lot of stuff, so feel free to point that finger of blame at us. We don’t mind. Now let’s sing some more…

“We need to form a full assault, it's Canada's fault! Don't blame me, for my son Stan, He saw the darn cartoon, and now he's off to join the klan! And my boy eric once, had my picture on his shelf, but now when I see him, he tells me to fuck myself.’”

My 2 bytes.

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