Monday, September 12, 2005

The Sevens I borrowed from April

My Stolen 7’s. I “borrowed” this from April but she’s cool with it.

Seven things to do before I die:

Go back to New York and pay my respects to those who lost their lives 4 years.

Travel the world and meet all my blogmates that are in my favorite links, wherever they are. Starting from the top and working my way down.

See the ocean with my own eyes.

Start to videoblog, things like my travels and experiences.

Find that “special” someone that will put up with my closet geekiness.

Learn to draw, anime style.

Buy a Mac, just to try it out. (I want to try something other than Windows.)

Seven things that I can do:

Speak 3 languages, English, Computer Jargon, and Management.

Pee standing up.

Make people laugh with my “unique” way that I look at the world.

Look at situations from multiple points of view.

Help people with their computer problems.

Sing the 60’s Spiderman theme.

Read the instruction in a cook book.

Seven things that I can’t do:

Win an argument with a woman (I’m handicapped by the need to make sense)

Snap my fingers


Watch regular live TV anymore. (My PVR has turned me into a control freak with my TV viewing)

Listen to 10 minutes of Dr. Laura without screaming or pulling my hair out.

Fly an airplane (at least right now, maybe in 5 years, I’ll learn)

Stand on my head.

Seven things that attract me to a woman:

Intelligence (I despise stupidity in all forms)  

Sense of humor.

A good laugher


Boobs (OK I said it)

Long Hair.


Seven things I say the most:

Where the hell did I put my keys?

I want to go home.


I should have called in stupid.

They’re just a bunch of lazy bastards.

Where are my pants?

My 2 bytes.

And these are my 2 bytes.

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