Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'll miss you little buddy

I’m sad. I’m sad that we lost a TV legend today. I’m sad that part of my childhood died today. I’m going to miss you Bob Denver.

I remember coming home from school, getting a snack from the fridge and parking my butt in front of the TV, knowing that at 4 o’clock Gillian would be on to make me laugh. He and the Skipper would have me laughing so hard, whatever episode would be on. Some head hunters on the island, the Russian cosmonauts landing in the island, or even a young Kurt Russell as the jungle boy. I remember watching each episode over and over again until I memorized each one.

Sure nowadays, when I hear about Gillian’s Island, someone will make a comment like “That professor could build a TV out of coconuts but he couldn’t fix a hole in a boat?” Today I’ve become jaded by the harshness of the world. The ugly truths outside my door but back then I was innocent. I thought the world was a good place and everyone cared about everyone else. I know that it isn’t always like that. Even now I hear about scam artists setting up “fake charities” for the victims of Katrina, just to take advantage of people’s good will.

I morn you Bob Denver, just as I morn the loss of the innocence that I once had. Bob Denver reminded me of a time when all was good and now you’re gone. Does that mean all that was good in the world have died with you? I pray not. I’ll miss you little buddy.

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