Friday, September 16, 2005

Respect my Authority

I missed a day somewhere; actually yesterday’s post was done past midnight  but no biggie. At least I hope it’s no biggie. Either way, I’ll put up the Photo Friday later in the day.

I had an interesting day. Actually the past few days have been interesting. I’ve been attending quite a few meetings about something big, which I’m not suppose to officially reveal but I will do so later in the post.

Anyway, I was at work, doing my job, when I needed to use a phone to call a local courier company to arrange a couple of pickups. Currently phones are limited at where I work so I asked this person, (who thinks that he’s my supervisor) to loan me his phone. He tells me no and starts going on about how I’m suppose to use a specific phone. I then asked ‘Why’ and this seemed to piss him off. Actually whenever I ask him ‘Why’, it pisses him off. I think he feels that he has the power to do whatever he wants in my area.

One day, I arrived at work and he had totally rearranged my desk, printers and computer terminals; ALL WITHOUT MY INPUT.  He was pleased but I was pissed. I ended up forcing a safety issue and they changed it to something else, which was just as bad so I ended up moving things to where I could work with it, but the damage was done. I was pissed and he was annoyed because I don’t respect his authority.  WELL I DON’T RESPECT A LEADER WHO DOESN’T LISTEN TO HIS TEAM MEMBERS.

Anyway, I hear he’s been waaa waaing about the phone incident today, and again I don’t care. He can take his power trip and show it up his ass for all I care because he has no idea who he has pissed off. Mr. “I’m Drunk with Power” has pissed of the warehouse I.T. person.

YES IT HAPPENED. I was offered and accepted a position in IT now. I new title as of tomorrow is Technical Liaison. Now what does that mean? It means that all tech issues in the facility, from PC maintenance, to coordinating with vendors for systems upgrades at the warehouse are now my responsibility. I have several bosses to report to, from the warehouse manager to the head of IT at head office in Toronto, but it’s all my responsibility.  

So Mr. “I think that I’m better than you”, if you so much as move a printer without my ok, I’m going to make your life miserable. JACKASS. Isn’t payback a bitch?

My 2 bytes.

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