Thursday, May 19, 2005

Strange but true

First I heard about this from listening to Howard Stern but after I found the actual news story in the Daily News. Some punks set a disabled man's wheelchair on fire. I'd like to select "Scum" for $1000 Alex. These boys who are around 15 years old should be beaten within an inch of their lives.

What really bothers me these days is the law stating that they cannot reveal the identities of the criminals because they are minors. I think that they should be allowed to show the identity of the criminals, at the very least to shame them and at the most to, warn the public that these little bastards have no redeeming value to society and should be treated that way.

However, just as there are scumbags in the world, there are also good people. There was a woman on the scene who witnessed what had happened and put the fire out with the only thing she had available, a bottle of freshly pumped breast milk. YES I SAID BREAST MILK. I think this woman is a hero and I applaud her actions, but I need to ask this question. Did she pour the entire contents at once or spray the fire through the nipple? Either way, she's a hero for possibly saving this man's life. He couldn't just get up from his chair. This woman literally gave something of herself in order to save this man.

Even though the situation seems odd, it does prove that there are good people and scumbags. It's nice to know that there are good people, like this woman who put the fire out, and the police who apprehended the little bastards. I hope they roughed the little creeps up a bit. So this means that there is hope for society in general. That's good, because it does restore my faith in humanity.

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