Thursday, May 12, 2005

He taunts me. I swear it.

Last Night I dreamt that I won the lottery. I don't remember any details except that I was rich. As a result, I decided to buy some lottery tickets. I thought that a higher power might be trying to send me some good luck.

Anyway, I go into a gas station to buy these tickets, but I realize that I have no money on me so off to the ATM at the back of the store. The problem is there's some woman at the machine, taking her own sweet time. Hitting the buttons and getting cash. Then when she's done, instead of moving, she decided to rearrange her purse. Ok this is to every woman out there who does this. IT'S FUCKIN RUDE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THE ATM TO REARANGE YOU PURSE WHEN PEOPLE ARE WAITING TO USE THE DAMN MACHINE.

So I go to buy some Root Beer and my tickets and the OLD FART in front of me can't find the code on his receipt for the car wash. So I have to put up with the cashier pointing the code to the guy twice and then circling it with a pen. Fine so I try to buy my tickets and have to repeat myself over and over again because the guy's girlfriend comes in and is more concerned about his lunch. He asked me 3 times because he keeps forgetting because that BITCH won't shut up about some Grilled Chicken whatever. SHUT UP BITCH. But I finally get my lottery tickets.

So I'm at work and suddenly the image of me living in the Caribbean pops into my head. The image of a large beach home with a pool pops into my head, owning all the luxuries that I desire, including my own T1 line. I don't know where the thought came from but it appeared and it was a pleasant thought. Perhaps it's was a message from 'above'. I don't know.

Well this morning I go and check my tickets and lo and behold I WON. YES I WON A FREE PLAY PEOPLE. I WON ANOTHER LOTTERY TICKET. God is mocking me right now. Somewhere in heaven, angels are laughing their asses of at me. GRRRRR

My 2 bytes.

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