Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OK its just Yadda.

First thing, I fixed the problem with my PC, YEAH ! ! ! , and I took the time to vacuum out my system as well. Where does all that dust come from? The only drawback is that I no longer have any USB ports on the front of my machine. Well that's all fine because I dug up an old USB Hub from my closet and hooked it up. Its works but its an old USB 1.1 Hub and all my ports are 2.0 So I'll just have to look through Ebay until I find something that won't screw me over with the shipping costs. One thing that really pisses me off about Ebay is when they gouge you over shipping costs and they say that I "have to" pay $15 shipping for an item I paid $5 for. Well screw them, I'll keep an eye on the shipping cost this time.

Well its E3 week and I'm trying my best to not totally geek out. Let's see between Star Wars and E3, I'm surprised that I haven't completely geeked out and started carrying a lightsabre. this week. Oh well but the worse thing is that I forgot to book some time off this week to see Star Wars. ARGHHH I'm a dumb ass.

I've really been getting into Podcasts lately. I just like the idea of downloading a made for Internet radio show and listening to it while I walk about, with my headphones. Actually I'm only listening to one weekly show and I download each day's Howard Stern broadcast from a newsgroup. Between that and downloading DVD content, into my PSP (that thing is GOLD, I love it), I'm happy. Though I fear that I will never get through the last of the Family Guy episodes.

Ok I can't hold this in any longer. I'm a Sony fanboy but why did they decide to make the Playstation 3 controller look like a lesbian sex toy? Or perhaps a banana…. . I'm not saying it. Lord help us if it vibrates a lot.

Ok I admit that this is nothing but Yadda but right now I'm annoyed at the fact that all the dryers in the building are being used and I have to head for work in less than a hour. I hope they will forgive me for wearing less that spotless pants, but it can't be helped.

My 2 bytes.

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