Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Read the sign Keith, Its says NO SMOKING !!!

Celebrities are a pain in the ass; especially rock stars. This past year we’ve gotten some excellent concerts here in Cow Town. We’ve a lot of big shows over at the Saddle Dome, including Green Day, which plays on Friday. Even the Rolling Stones are coming to town but what is the deal with letting Keith Richards smoke in the Dome?

This city has gone nuts with anti smoking by-laws. It has come to the point that even I’m starting to think that they’re going to far, and I think smoking is the most disgusting habit on the planet, but they’re apparently going to let Keith Richards smoke inside the ‘smoke free environment’ of the Saddle Dome. Bullshit.

What I want to know is why does Keith Richards think he’s go fuckin special that he can disregard our laws and do whatever the hell he wants. NO SMOKING MEANS NO SMOKING KEITH. Personally I think he should consider quitting but have you looked at the guy lately. He looks 200 years old. He can’t have much time left. What I want to know is does he have an ash tray on the electric scooter all those old people are driving?

I can just picture the concert where The Stones comes out and he’s ride out in that little thing smoking away and then a roadie hands him a guitar and before he starts to play he looks up above the stage and see the sigh by the tour’s sponsor’s, Ben Gay and Depends. Then have way through the first set, he has to stop playing because of a coughing fit. KEITH QUIT NOW.

What really bothers me more is that the city is bending over and kissing his raggedy old ass. Yes Mr. Old Rock and Roll type person. You can contaminate the clean air around you while we will not allow anyone else to, because you’re special. Oh and if he wants to take an “I smoke or I don’t play” attitude, then Keith, take your pack of cigarette and your guitar and go home.

My 2 bytes.

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